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Sayed AlShnqiti
Sayed Al-Shnqiti lawyers and legal advisors law firm has established in Jeddah since 1428 - 2008. Since the establishment the firm has been keen to provide the best ways of support and continuous development for our clients’ and to provide consultations using modern methods by our exceptional team and cooperative values.
The firm assures to review the administrative workflow methods and contractual relations that take place within the facilities of our clients in order to avoid any legal difficulties that may acquire. Moreover, the firm is always working on updating these rules in accordance with upcoming law’s updates and amendments.
We also provide continuous advices and consultations by informing our clients about the legislation related to their business as an added value service to our customers with no charge. We are keen to visit the facilities of our clients on a regular basis to ensure that these facilities comply with the internal regulations and to provide periodic reports to our clients about the results of these visits. In addition, we offer a number of services under the category of “value added services “. The team of Alshniqiti’s Law Firm is under the direct supervision of the head of the team. The team is always keen to take into account the interests of its clients’ cases through the adoption of flexible strategies written in advance for each case and to use all means to achieve a satisfactory result for the benefit of the client. The litigation and dispute resolutio.


Our vision is to gain the trust of our clients by providing the highest quality of the professional legal practice while taking into consideration the human aspects in our relationships with them. We work to achieve our vision through honesty and initiative.


All provided consultations are based on both legal and religious knowledge that have been gained from our cooperative experts with the expertise they have and after solid and rigid studies and observations of regulations and judicial precedent. Moreover, consultations are written, signed and reviewed by several team members within an efficient timely manner to fulfill our responsibility towards our clients


Keen to provide you with the best legal consultations and services

Notary Services

Issuing general power of attorney ، Memorandum of association notary . Signatures attestation.


Establishing companies, Deputy in negotiation, Attending general assembly meetings, Corporate restructuring, Liquidation of corporates.


Advocacy, Commercial paper cases, Property dispute cases, Procurement cases, Civil cases, Commercial cases, Labor cases, Customs cases, Enforcement of judgments.


Article of association, Reviewing internal contracts, Business contracts, Contracts related to the entity, Corporate contracts transactions with customers, Establishing contracts .

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Real estate

Preparation of sale and purchase contracts, Deputy in sales, Deputy in purchase, Extraction of arguments of contention, Real estate disputes, Supervision on currencies performance.

Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property registration, Intellectual property protection, Media and publications’ violations.

Foreign Investments

Investment licenses.


Zakat and Income Tax ,Government tenders,Register of trade mark, Anti dumping

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